Crave: Party Culture


Sorry for the late post this week, got mixed up and it sat in the drafts pile by mistake..

This weeks the last in our Pop Culture Series and we’re going to be looking at Party Culture. Basically it’s a great reflection on a lot of the themes of our other talks and it’s a good time to address the way teens these days have an unhealthy view on the Music Industry, right before two weeks off for school holidays (party central).

Here’s an interesting extert from a book called Blue Like Jazz: Non religious thoughts on Christian Spirituality by Donald Miller

“I think we have a need to be cool that is an undercurrent in society saying some people are cool, and some people aren’t. And it is very, very important that we are cool. So, when we find someone who is cool on television or on the radio, we associate with this person to feel valid ourselves. The problem with this is we rarely know what the person believes whom we are associating ourselves with and the problem with this indicates, that there is less value in what people believe, what they stand for than, it only matters that they are cool.”

Donald Miller sums it up quite well the need our culture has built around the “cool factor”.

The music industry has become a “cool idol” in teens these days. This culture of fame and status has become unbelievable. It’s pushing kids to the extreme in not only what they do but what they watch and take in. Music video’s have gone from reflecting song lryics visually to pushing boundaries of self worth and body image, drug & alcohol use and sexual relationships.

So we’re going to smash through the “Cool” barrier and have a look at what’s behind the image of Fame and Fortune and discuss Party Culture in the light of Music and the obsession with coolness while bringing an understanding of Jesus into the equation.

The Event:

  • September 20th
  • 6:15 -9pm at St. Johns
  • Cost: $5
  • Food: Dinner provided

For Home:

On the back of the Holidays and having quite a nice break some good discussion with your kids off the back of this could be on the basis of

“What they think about music these days? who are they’re favourite musicians or celebrities? and why?” “what kind of music they like and why?”

Moving into an opportunity for you to see what you’re kids are holding onto as a role model and good influence in their lives. I’d also urge you to look up song lyrics of their favourite music, you’d be surprised what can be overlooked in a song lyric when it’s floating along inside a catchy tune, some of the most prominent music in our culture can be both sexually driven with no boundries and it can seem to make drugs look cool. So it’s a important point to think about what you’re kids are listening to and what it’s saying to them.

Most of all, Have a great Holiday Break and we’ll see you in two weeks!


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