Crave: Youth Alive Main Event!

As you may have heard, there will be no crave youth this friday night! BUT we’ll be heading into join in one of the biggest youth gathering’s in the melbourne city this Saturday the 14th.  Youth Alive Main Event is made for Youth from every part of Victoria to connect, worship and share together. There will be 3 musical performances, alongside the Youth Alive Worship Band and an encouraging Bible Message. This is a big opportunity for Crave to connect and build relationships with kids from all over melbourne.

The Finer Details: 

  • We’ll be meeting together at Diamond Creek Station, 4:40pm (don’t be late, you might miss the train). The event is in the city and finishes around 9pm which means we’ll be back at the station around 10:40pm.
  • You can visit the main website to see the video promo at
  • They can bring some food with them or some money to buy food there.
  • Tickets are $10 if pre-purchased (call the office on Tues or Friday to do this – 9438 1264 before 5pm) or $15 at the door.
  • The need a cashed up Myki for the train.
  • Make sure your kids have your phone number in case of emergency or delayed trains.
  • Contact Number on the day is the assistant youth minister: Bel Wilson – 0425 658 469.

At Home: 

As part of our Pop Culture Series, Youth Alive is a great reflection of how you can have fun without sex, drugs or alochol. This is just a good week to check in and see what they think of the Youth Alive connected to the Pop Culture Series happening at Crave at the moment.


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