Crave: #drugs

This week we continue our series looking at pop culture from God’s point of view.

How as parents do you respond to youth being a world filled with drinking and drugs not only so readily available to them  but pushed into being a normal, “ultra cool” realm of thinking by social media and public advertising.

Teens pick up a high percentage of accpetance of things through images and cultural trends that are happening. Tumblr, facebook, twitter are all posting images made to lower the information of the affects, damages & issues with drugs and creating a trend for them to be “highly cool” with a lot of the the YOLO aspect creeping in of ‘no responsiblity and zero after effects’.

It’s common knowledge that drugs and alcohol have lasting effects in people’s lives if used in the wrong context, illegally, underage or even in unimformed ways. So  we’ve got a Christian Police Officer coming into the youth group this friday night to bring forward the real lasting effects of drugs and alcohol in our current culture of underage binge drinking and drug use.

He’s going to do an in depth conversation with the youth, with real life examples and the christian response to what’s happening in the midst of this.

The Event:

  • September 6th
  • 6:15 -9pm at St. Johns
  • Cost: $5
  • Food: Dinner Provided

For Home:

Fact: Over 80% of alcohol consumed by 14 to 17 year-olds is drunk at levels that cause acute harm, yet parents often underestimate the extent of teen drinking. In one study, 31% of youths who said they had been drunk in the past year were said by their parents to be non-drinkers.

The fact is that drinking and drug use are a previlent issue for teens in the current culture. So what can parents do to combat this?

  • Knowabout alcohol and its effects on young people. Know what your children are experiencing at parties, where they are, and arrange a lift home with adults you trust if you can’t pick them up.
  • Talk and Listen – to your children about your family’s rules, explain why the rules exist and the consequences of breaking them. Listen to your children. They hear about other parent’s strategies and sometimes they actually want you to say “no” when they feel under pressure to say “yes”. They may also be feeling concerned for friends and need your support.
  • Model – the responsible use of alcohol in your home and in social situations. This includes how alcohol is stored or displayed in the home, being extra cautious about driving after drinking alcohol.

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