Crave: Romance, Relationships and Sex!

This week we continue our series looking at pop culture from God’s point of view. This week we look at the inevitable challenges that young people face as their hormones go nuts and sexuality fights to become the most important thing in life. As a Christian youth group we hold a fairly conservative view on sexual practice however that has unfortunately sometimes led to an overly conservative way of talking about it (or never talking about it, as the case may be). Consequently young people often feel guilty about their developing sexuality and find they don’t have a forum to chat about what’s going for them and their friends with people who aren’t their parents (cos, you know, talking to your parents about this stuff can be “super awkward!”). This Friday we hope to a) give some clear biblical teaching on the who how and what of sex and b) create a safe, honest environment for youth to ask their questions.

Important note: In my many years as a youth leader/minister I have noticed that sometimes parents deliberately remove their children from youth group on the nights when sex is a topic of discussion. Usually they were younger children and the parents were concerned that they didn’t want to expose their children to the topic ahead of time. I appreciate those parents’ desire to do right by their children but I would like to gently suggest that their mindset was somewhat naive. Even if a teenager is in a friendship group that isn’t talking about/having sex, they live in a culture where sexual messages will be constantly entering their subconscious (see if you can drive for 30 minutes without passing a billboard that uses sex in some way). Also, we know that the general population can be sexually active as young as year 7 (not for the majority but enough for it to not be a scandal), thus teenagers may suddenly find themselves in a situation where sex is spoken about in ways they’ve never experienced. Without a solid grounding they may make some poorly informed decisions that can cause them or others significant damage. So, my suggestion is that this Friday might be the week to ensure your child is definitely in attendance rather than the week to keep them home – there’s some questions below to help you debrief what we talk about at home.


The Event:

  • August 23rd
  • 6:15 -9pm at St. Johns
  • Cost: $5
  • Food: Dinner provided

For Home:

  • How much is sex and relationships talked about in your group of friends at school?
  • How much of what they say about sex matched up with what was said at Crave? What were the differences?
  • What do you think is the minimum age someone should be before they get a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • What did you think about Crave’s teaching that sex should be saved for marriage?
  • Do you need some professional counselling after you accidentally walked in on mum and dad having sex? (Kidding, if this has happened it might be best if it was just never be mentioned 😉

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