Crave: Pop Culture Series


Tonight we’re kicking off our new series on Pop Culture. We’re taking a look at all the big cultural trends that teenagers go through; drinking, drugs, music, party culture (yolo), sex and relationships.

Ever heard of YOLO?

It’s an acronym that means You Only Live Once and it was made popular in a song by rapper Drake, tattooed on actor Zac Efron’s hand, hash tagged by millions of teens on Twitter and immortalized in their Facebook posts as well because young people started using it to encourage others to do things that they might not otherwise do, because heck, this is our one shot. It is a statement about living life to the fullest. But we’re going to look at the practicalities of “only living once”  and what yolo seems to really stand for and in reality.. do we only live once? or does Jesus have another answer for us?

The Event:

  • August 23rd
  • 6:15 -9pm at St. Johns
  • Cost: $5
  • Food: Dinner provided

For Home:

Something that maybe isn’t realized is that YOLO is short on the noble idea ‘Carpe Diam’ of living life to its fullest and is more focused on brash decisions and their consequences. It’s used as an excuse for bad or risky behavior, or to play mean prank on teens these days. Parents need to open kids eyes to the reality side of this seesaw. The reality is every action and decision teenagers make has repercussions and consequences that cannot be evaded; they must be dealt with and teens need to be reminded of this reality. So a question or two off the back of this talk might be “what do you think of yolo? – do you buy into it? is it common thing happening at school?” to start a bigger conversation about actions and consequences that can happen and if they’ve thought about the fact that in Jesus, we’re promised eternity.. so what does that really mean for yolo?


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