Crave: Why do some people experience lots of suffering and others hardly any?


It’s a good question isn’t it! Why do people who seem to be overall a positive influence in the world  get hit by drunk drivers or die early from cancer whilst at the same time, people who have basically been a negative burden on society live to a ripe old age and kick back with money earned from their greed and fraud? Doesn’t seem that fair. Why was I born in a free, prosperous place like Melbourne when others are currently being born into war torn Syria or Kongo? What does God think of all this? These are the (big) questions we’ll be asking this week. If God loves us all so much (which we Christians believe 100%) why doesn’t he make the world even a little bit fairer than it is?

The Event:

  • July 26th
  • 6:15 -9pm at St. Johns
  • Cost: $5
  • Food: Dinner provided

For Home:

This week would be a good chance to talk about any charities that your family might support, especially those that help in the third world. Chat about the challenges people face overseas purely from the fact that they were born there instead of here. Make sure it doesn’t become a spiritual family guilt trip where you all sit around and feel bad about living in Melbourne – instead, use it as a chance to bring an attitude of generosity and thankfulness to your family.

We’re also aware that your family might be in the midst of some suffering at the moment. Please be assured that we will do our best to support your children in this time and that St. John’s as a whole is also ready and willing to help. Give us a call in the office (9438 1264) and ask to chat to one of the pastoral staff or seek out one of our leaders at a Sunday service.


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