Crave: Term 3 Launch


It’s good to be back into things in with the launchof term 3 this Friday night. We’re launching into a big series based upon,

A survey we did in term 2, resulting in one question from two area’s The most frequantly asked question by youth’s friends and the Most frequant questioon youth have.

Coming out on top was; Why is there suffering in the world?

So we’re going to be addressing Suffering, in different contexts and our answer to this question as Christians, leading up to the 40hr famine on the 16-18th of August.

In that lead up to the 40hr Famine we hope to equip and open youth’s eyes to the real suffering in the world and how we can respond to those situations.

The Event:

  • July 19th
  • 6:15-9pm at St Johns
  • Cost: $5
  • Food: Dinner Provided

For Home:

This would be a great opportunity to talk about Suffering you’ve gone through and how you’ve perservered. What suffering they feel they’ve been through or are challenged by? We’re only bringing up a couple easy questions to discuss over the next month or so 😛 We don’t want kids to feel guilty about the lack of suffering we have in comparison to third world countries but feel motivated to love people more in all situations.


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