Camp Crave’s chocolate flavoured fundraiser

Camp fund raiser poster


Note: This event is not tonight, to find out about tonight’s Crave event click here.

Come along and help support our youth group, in particular Camp Crave. The night will start normal time for the youth (6:15) but then we invite family and friends to join us from 7:30 for a very chocolaty dessert. If you were to eat everything on offer by yourself, it would be a life endangering exercise. Should you issue at least a bit of restraint though, you’ll have a great time as well as hear a bit about camp that will hopefully be encouraging and entertaining.

Here are the details:

  • Friday 28th June at St. John’s
  • 7.30pm the chocolate begins (6.15pm Youth drop off)
  • $5 kids, $10 concession, $15 Adults. Bring some extra cash in case you want to join one of our fundraising competitions or auctions.

Even if no one from your family is coming to the event, please do join us anyway. Likewise if you have already donated some money in another way, we’d love your company as the event is about more than

money, it’s about community building and sharing stories about the great Camp Crave.


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