Crave: VCYC One Night Event

This week we are going offsite for a VCYC event that will be bring together youth groups from all over Melbourne. The details are a little different to normal, here they are:

The Event:

  • June 21st
  • Drop off at St. Johns by 6pm (it’s important not to be late as we will be leaving before 6:15).
  • Parents and youth leaders will be providing the transport in cars, we will ensure all legal and safety rules are followed.
  • Cost: $10 (it’s $5 entry but a bit extra for dinner, we believe $10 will ensure nobody starves).
  • Food: Sausage sizzle (vegetarians will likely be provided for but might want to bring a backup snack just in case).
  • Pick up at St. Johns approximately 9:45pm.

For Home:

As we are not preparing the teaching ourselves we don’t really have anything for home this week except that you ask this question: “How was it?”

A note on Camp Crave:

Don’t forget to register for the camp via and give us a call on 9438 1264 if you’d like some help with finances.

We are also having a fundraising dessert night on Friday the 28th of June which I will blog about separately but which we would love you to come along and enjoy.


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