Crave: Roast a Christian


Don’t panic, the Crave leadership team have not turned to cannibalism, the spit will stay in the shed this Friday. Instead, we will be making our panel feel a bit hot under the collar by inviting the youth to ask those big/tricky/controversial questions that we often avoid cos they’re too big/tricky/controversial. It’s a perfect night to invite friends along, we might even record it so that parents can listen to it online 😉

The Event:

  • June 14th
  • 6:15 -9pm at St. Johns
  • Cost: $5
  • Food: Dinner provided

For Home:

Considering there’s no set topic this week it’s hard to give you material to work with. Still, it could be a good conversation starter: which question have you always wanted to ask?

A note on Camp Crave:

At this stage the camp will be cancelled due to lack of numbers – but keep reading. I very much doubt it will be cancelled as there is still a month left for people to register and it has such a great reputation around the traps. This note is more a request for those families that know for sure you’ve got someone/people coming to camp to register asap. It will greatly help us in the preparation for camp 🙂 Also, if you know you’ve got someone/people coming but are not sure about being able to afford it, please give Bel or Kirk a call on 9438 1264 and we’ll work something out. It’s better that we know early on rather than get an influx of requests a week before camp.


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