Parent Night this Friday

Hopefully you’re all coming to our parent get together this Friday. It thought it might be worth outlining some specifics of what we’re doing here on the blog:

  • Date: 31st of May 2013
  • Times: 6:15pm (for a 6:30 start) – 9pm
  • Location: St. John’s, 61 Main St. Diamond Creek
  • Yeah but where specifically? We’ll be in the Meeting Room but don’t worry about finding it, as you enter the front doors you’ll be directed by one of the Crave team.
  • Food: We’ll provide some light snacks.
  • What if I want more than just a snack? We’ll also put in a pizza order for those who’d like to (bring $5 if you’re taking the pizza option).
  • RSVP: Not required, just turn up.
  • What will we actually be doing? The night is designed primarily to facilitate conversation between parents so that you can share insights, challenges and stories. Kirk will also present his research on how Facebook and other online networks are influencing young people.
  • Haven’t we heard about this topic through the schools? Well, yes and no. Most schools have some pretty good policies and abuse prevention programs in place but we want to have a deeper conversation than that. How does living in such a tech saturated world actually influence the way young people think about themselves, their place in society and their faith (or lack thereof)? It will also be an interactive conversation so we can be flexible in which specific topics we focus on.
  • Questions: Kirk on 9438 1264 or

We hope to make these parent nights are regular feature of the Crave youth ministry so please do come along, show your support and be supported yourself 🙂


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