Crave: The Servant King

Sometimes when people break the law they are not sent to jail but rather ordered to do “community service”. Their punishment is to do useful things in the community that serve the greater good. As a Christian, I find this slightly bizarre. I mean, on one level I get it, better they make a positive difference than being locked away; but on another level, my idea of service (which is largely informed by my faith) believes it is a privilege to serve rather than a punishment. And that’s what we’ll be talking about on Friday. How to have a positive view of service both at home and out in the community. Should be great 🙂

The Event:

  • May 10th
  • 6:15 -9pm at St. Johns
  • Cost: $5
  • Food: Dinner provided

For Home:

This is a great opportunity to talk about the way you serve each other as a family and perhaps improve the overall attitude in your home towards helping each other out. It’s important your conversations don’t become a guilt trip thought, try and focus on them being a positive motivator for your family members to show love and kindness to each other.

Registrations for Camp Crave 2013 are open:

Visit to sign up.


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