Crave 2013 Launch Event


We are only days away from our first Crave event for the year. Here are the relevant details:

  • February 15th
  • 155 Mountain View Rd. Briar Hill
  • House Party! Join us as we kick off the start of term with a giant House Party! A great chance to catch up, meet new people and get your groove on.
  • Start time: 6:15pm
  • End time: 10pm (this is later than our standard finish time which will be 9pm)
  • Cost: $5
  • Contact Number: Bel Wilson (Assistant Youth Minster) – 0425 658 469

This night is designed to maximize relationship potential. We hope it will be the perfect place for youth to meet new people their age, meet some older Christians and to have a generally enjoyable evening. There will be no formal teaching on this night although we will have a few announcements that will outline what we’re on about at Crave and paint a picture of where we’re going this year.



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