The PONG approaches

G’day Parents,

I’ve written about the Youth Unite ping-pong-a-thon previously. If you missed that post, please do have a read.

I received an update on the campaign from the organisers and wanted to share some of the details with you here.


Team Pong, this week you:
– Broke the All-time School Venue Record
– Recruited another 250 Pongers to the team
– Had a 14 year old event organiser raise more than $3,000
– Had your head shaved to encourage generosity from donors
– Raised another $88,000 that will change young lives FOREVER!!!
Strap yourself in – 26 more venues in PLAY this week – the biggest in Pong history.
Today YOU have the chance to help young people who are in situations of horrible abuse/exploitation to rise. You can inspire others to make a difference too.

If you’ve already played: 
– It’s not too late to get more sponsors.
– Dare someone to play at one of 50+ remaining venues or in The Global Pong.

If you’re yet to Pong:
– Invite others to play with you or sponsor you. Every time you get someone to sign up to play you potentially double your impact!

1. Ask people face-to face to sponsor you.  They rarely say no.
2. Send a personal email to family & friends asking them to support you.
3. Use social media leading up to your event & while you’re playing .
Always include your fundraising page link when inviting sponsors.


Why our next Youth Unite is so important

Tony Talks about the anti-slavery movement from Destiny Rescue on Vimeo.

G’day Parents,

Last week I wrote about our upcoming Youth Unite event. This video is from one of the organisations we’ll be supporting through this event. It’s a small snapshot into what these groups are doing on the front line.

I recommend having a watch and maybe watching it with your kids as well. There is more reading and videos on the Destiny Rescue website as well.

Remember that youth can sign up for fundraising before the actual event. I encourage all our St. John’s youth to register for our church team and see if we can raise $500 together.



Youth Unite Term 4 – October 27

G’day Parents,

Youth Unite is something we’ve been involved with for a long time. For our last event this year we’re doing something a little different. This video gives you a bit of an idea about the cause we’re supporting:

2017 Ping Pong-A-Thon 2017 // Promo from The Pong on Vimeo.

You can click here to read more about the event and the cause.

As for practicalities, see below:

  • Youth can fund raise in advance by registering for the St. John’s team or just come along. If you’re not sure which to choose, we’d recommend signing up and getting the full experience.
  • Drop off at St. John’s at 6:30 for car pool.
  • Pick up at St. John’s at 10:30.
  • $5
  • Supper provided
  • Location: Mill Park Baptist Church

It’s a more complicated event than we usually run so if you reckon there’s some key information missing, please drop me an email at and I’ll see if I can fill in the gaps.


Sunday@6 in the school holidays

G’day Parents,

There are three Sunday@6 services this holidays: 24/9, 1/10, 8/10.

At each of these services there will be a prayer meeting at 5:15 which everyone is welcome to attend (we meet in the Prayer Room near the back door and do a variety of prayer styles). The service is at 6pm followed by supper afterwards. We aim to finish our services by 7:30, something we achieve 95% of the time.

On 8/10 we will have one of our regular panel nights; should be great.

If your kids are gamers, I would recommend Relief LANs as a good place for them to meet other gamers in a safe, supervised environment. Click here to find out more.


Sunday@6 Dinners in Term 4


G’day Parents,

Our Sunday@6 dinners are a great point of connection for people across all age groups and I highly recommend popping them in the diary so that you and your family can come and enjoy the food and company.

Here’s what term 4 looks like:

  • 15/10 Dinner
  • 29/10 Dinner
  • 5/11 Cup weekend (no dinner)
  • 12/11 Dinner
  • 26/11 Dinner
  • 10/12 Dinner (Confirmation Service)
  • 17/12 Community Carols (No dinner or normal service)
  • 24/12 Christmas Eve Services at 5pm and 11pm (No dinner)


P.S. Actual Sunday@6 dinners may differ slightly from the photo above.

Some key dates for the rest of the year

G’day Parents,

This is not an exhaustive list of dates but they are on my radar:

  • October 27 – Youth Unite. Click here to see the Facebook event.
  • December 10 – Baptism and Confirmation Service at Sunday@6. Email with expressions of interest.
  • December 17 – Diamond Creek Community Carols (replaces Sunday@6 service that night).
  • Date TBA – Board Games Night. More info soon.

I’ll give you more details on these events as they get closer.


The 3 Stages Of Adolescence

G’day Parents,

I came across this interesting clip on adolescence which you might like to watch. It’s American so they use terms like “Freshman” which I don’t really understand but the basics are there to relate to Australia.

Clip here to watch the clip.

The YouTube channel this clip is hosted by has lots of great stuff. It’s mainly targeted at youth workers/ministers but I like to think of parents as the real full time youth ministers so I lot of it will relate.